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How To Paint Over Old Paint On Wooden Door Frames

Painting over previously painted wood isn’t difficult, but it does require some careful preparation to make sure you get a smooth and consistent finish. You’ll want to choose a colour to match the room you are painting, but at the same time, consider both sides of the frame - if your doorway separates two rooms that have different colours, you might want to consider using a neutral colour for the frame since generally you wouldn’t paint a frame different colours on each side. Also think about your door colour and how your frame will match the door.

Oriental Garden Ornaments

There is something about Asia and the Orient that really captures the Western imagination. The promise of the East has a timeless allure and mystique that seems to transcend time and place. Maybe it is

Rustic Japanese Stone Lanterns

While the traditional image most of us hold of a Japanese Stone Lantern might be crisp clean lines of a well carved and well proportioned lantern, a more rustic look can also be extremely beautiful. After all, traditionally, only the richest people would be able to afford to pay a master stone mason to create a work of art embodied and formed into a lantern, the average person who wanted such a lantern would have to make do with what they found or could cobble together themselves. The roof of the lantern would probably not be wonderfully carved and ornately decorated with symetrical lines. Instead it might simply be a piece of stone that was flat enough on one side to sit on top of the lightbox and wide enough to provide the basic protection from the elements on top of the lightbox.

Japanese Stone Lantern in Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden are home to a lovely Torii and beautiful pond and Japanese Stone Lantern on their aptly named Japanese Hill and Pond Garden. In fact, Japanesa Hill-and-Pond-Garden is one of the oldest Japanese styled gardens outside of Japan and was in fact the first of such styled gardens to be created in an American public garden.

Japanese Garden Lanterns in Monte Palace

Monte Palace in Madiera, Portugal dates back to the 18th century when a stunning estate was built. Through the years, the property has gone through several changes of owner, until it was bought by Rodrigues Berardo who set up the Berardo Foundation and turned the estate into the Monte Palace Tropical Garden. The gardens host a variety of exotic plants, as well some lakes with a sophisticated filtering system to give habitat to Koi. However, in my opinion, the piece de resistence of the Monte Palace Gardens is the large collection of Japanese stone lanterns. The Oriental Gardens are a direct expression of Jose Berardo’s trip to China and Japan where he became fascinated by the way of life, history and culture of the East. Two gardens were set up in an attempt to capture a taste of the culture from this trip. Stone lantern The gardens feature some incredible ornaments - two marble Fo dogs which are actually lions! These are mythical protectors of temples and palaces and common in China. The mouths of these beasts contain a ball which, legend has it brings good luck to anyone who gives the ball one complete turn. Pagodas and Buddhist sculptures abound and there are lakes and waterfalls complete with miniature islands and ornamental bridges and bamboo water hammers which click clack peacefully.

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